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About Biyee SciTech, Inc.

Biyee SciTech Inc. is a privately held company committed to providing high quality and cost effective data solutions with scientific rigor and state-of-the-art technologies.

We strive to maintain impeccable integrity, relentless innovation, superb efficiency and a strong sense of social responsibility.

We believe there are too many software applications in biomedical fields that are too costly, too convoluted, or too rigid. We are determined to provide robust turnkey solutions and dramatically reduce the true ownership cost.  We achieve our goals through relentless innovation, sound architecture and superb efficiency.  

We are data solution developers also users. Some of us were clinical researchers for a long time.  We develop solutions with the features and benefits that we, as end users, would like to have.

  • Ease of use with minimal training requirement. 
  • Rapid and painless implementation.
  • Affordable with predictable total ownership cost.
  • Easy access to the data so it can be analyzed by a variety of tools.
  • Flexible deployment to accommodate different situations or changing needs.
  • Quick resolution of issues by the technical support of competent developers who build the system.

On the color science front, Biyee S&T, continues the tradition of over a decade to serve the community with user friendly and scientifically rigorous tools.

Biyee SciTech, Inc. was founded by Hong Zhang, PhD in January 2010. has been online since 2001 with some of its contents that can be traced back to its preceding domains starting from 1996.