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Hong Zhang, PhD

Hong Zhang, PhD, founded Biyee SciTech Inc in January 2010 after over two decades of research spanning from optomotor response to help missile guidance, combined effect of environmental factors on humans for optimizing fighter cockpit, color vision and its revolution, to cardiac assist devices. He also developed dozens of software applications with hundreds of thousands of lines of code in C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, SQL, Z80 and x86 Assemblies, etc. He started application development with embedded programming for physiological signal acquisition and processing, then developed a series of applications for clinical and research use including EEG, EGG, ERG and BAER some of which have been in regular clinical use for over a decade.. Later he developed control algorithms for total artificial heart and a completely automated mock system for rapid R&D tasks. He was also responsible for developing the first commercial remote monitoring system for cardiac assist device named A6 - Anywhere, Anytime, Any data of Any patient at Any Authorized person. A lab information management system developed by him encompasses complete automation of multi-device, multi-source data acquisition, remote alarming, data archiving using the latest database technologies, data analysis, reporting and its subscription-based electronic delivery.

It is his deep involvement in a variety of cardiac assist devices (including total artificial heart) from research, development to clinical applications dealing with very diverse and complicated data that have provided him unique comprehensive knowledge of research, clinical, business data and their capture, management, analysis and reporting. B1 EDC draws upon his decade long experience in working with medical devices in the entire spectrum of clinical phases especially his direct involvement in clinical data including developing a highly successful EDC system serving multiple active clinical studies.

He holds a PhD from Cornell University, Master of Medicine from China Space Medico-Engineering Institute (CISME) and Bachelor of Science from the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC).