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Slide Image Exporter

-Export PowerPoint slides to individual image files in your chosen format and size

Install Slide Image Exporter for PowerPoint Add-in

Important: please install the latest Office updates before using this add-in

Download slide image exporter for PowerPoint® 2013  

Download slide image exporter for PowerPoint® 2010  

Quick Installation Instructions and Tutorial Slide Show

(pdf version of the instructions )

We created this Microsoft® Office add-in for our internal use initially, then decided to share it with the Office community. The above slide show was created using this add-in.


  • (new) Two aspect ratios to choose from: 4:3 (normal) and 16:9 (wide)
  • Works with Microsoft PowerPoint® 2010
  • Export all slides (up to 1000 for each file) with a few simple clicks.
  • Choose any format which filter has been installed on your computer
  • Choose among more than 10 most popular image sizes.

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